Tennomifune Academy, is an elite academy. There are three groups of students; one that studies academics, one that studies sports and lastly, the happiness class. These students have been assessed based on their luck and have been deemed unlucky. Every lesson is a ridiculous task to increase their happiness, led by an overpowered bipolar home room teacher and a small rabbit robot called Timothy, who Anne tries to hug all the time, but always fails.

The main characters consist of five girls;  Anne Hanakoizumi (mentioned above), who is terribly unlucky with pretty much anything. Ruri Habarigaoka, who is in love with a construction sign, so deemed unlucky in love.  Botan Kumegawa who cannot stand physical activity and anything really, without falling to pieces, so unlucky in health. Lastly are the childhood friends Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda. Hibiki is unlucky with navigation, so gets lost twenty four seven, whereas Ren,  has a condition where females of all species are attracted to her. She wakes up every morning with female animals on her, when she sleeps with her window open.

This anime is incredibly colourful, simplistic and as you may have guessed it, happy. The whole anime reminds me of rainbows , confetti and sweets. The characters are adorable teenage girls, with huge eyes and cute natures. Their voice acting is incredibly charming and very realistic. The only thing I did not like about it was its story line, or lack of. Each episode is a random adventure, spouting about dreams and friendship. It is more of an anime for a child. It had so much going for it, yet due to this points, it went down on my list. Overall, it probably earned four out of ten.



Oni Ai

This weeks anime of choice is Oni Ai, a light novel turned anime. The story is about two siblings who move in together after being separated for six years. Akito, the brother, transfers schools to be with his twin sister Akiko. Akiko has a brother complex, constantly hitting on and showing love for her brother. After their summer together, three girls move into the dormitory, turning this incest anime into one of a harem.

The harem consists of three cute girls. Anastasia is a half American, half Russian rich girl, who is the owner of an international company and a second year at Liliana High School. She is the Vice President of the Student Council. The next girl is Arashi, a third year in the school and the President of the Student Council. She has two different colour eyes, so she is seen wearing an eye patch most of the time. She is sexually aggressive, earning the nickname ‘Predator’. Her aim is to make the whole of the Student Council her harem. The last girl to move in is Ginbei. She is Akitos childhood friend. She moves schools to be with him and, has a boyish way about her, due to being from a merchant family. She does most of the cooking and cleaning in the house and, is the accountant of the Student Council.

So far, I have only made it to the sixth episode of the anime, when a new dormitory manager comes in, who happens to be his fiancée. Another girl entering the competition was enough for me. The anime is very hard to get through, as it is full of cliché’s. You have seen everything before. The only thing I liked about it, is that the President is bisexual and the epitome of female empowerment.

This anime is definitely not one that I would want to push on people, so I have to give it a straight up no.

Girl Friend Beta

Girl Friend (Kari) started off as a dating simulator Japanese game, that was released on smart phones in 2012. The game became so popular, that an anime was released in 2014. The anime looks at high school, through the point of view of different cute high school girls.

The first character that is introduced is Kokomi Shiina. She is a second year student, who is part of the rhythmic gymnastics club. She goes to school every morning before classes, to train for her competitions. She pops up now and then after the second episode, taking part in the other girls stories. There is also Akane Sakurai, who is part of the broadcast committee. She is the host of her lunchtime radio show.

My favourite combination of girls are Erena Mochizuki and Fumio Murakami. Erena is an outgoing girl who is part of the photography club. She takes photos of girls that she finds cute an interesting. Her best friend is Fumio, who is a quiet girl who manages the library. The episode on how they become friends is interesting and slightly hits the yuri category, in a good way of course.

The last girl that will steal your heart is Chloe Lemaire. She is a French transfer student, that has been living in Japan since her first year at high school. She always spends her time researching Japanese culture in the library and, loves all things Japanese. She makes mistakes in her Japanese, of which her friends often end up correcting her.

As an anime, I love the premise of it. It is a light hearted anime, that shows adorable girls running around leading their lives. The colours are light and beautiful, with lovely and outstanding characters, who shine through. Their character design is ten to none. The only thing you may notice is that all the characters sound the same. You need to persevere through this, as they introduce new characters and break them up as the series goes on.

Overall, I recommend this anime to anyone who is feeling low. It will cheer you up in a second.



Being into Anime and Manga

I have loved anime and manga ever since I was in college. I remember when I was first shown Naruto, Bleach and all the other generic shows you first get into. To me, it was a magical world, where I could escape and be who I wanted to be. It allowed me to have new ideas on myself.

When people ask what I am into, I will always tell them the truth. The sad thing is, when I do, I am usually greeted with an ‘ah OK’ or my personal favourite, ‘I thought that was a boy thing’. I wonder when that stereotype first entered the world? when was it not OK for a woman to like this stuff?

This is why I love expo. No one will judge you, they encourage you to be who you want to be, to like the things you like. You get the chance to indulge in the things you want to, to spend money and add to your collection. It is also a good chance to gather info on new releases and, in some cases, to try the new games if you can get on one.

My personal collection consists of yuri manga. Every time I go to expo, I am always on the look out for new manga books I don’t already own. Sexy figurines and yuri dvds will sometimes make it into the collection. The sexy figurines tend to be more of my partners area of expertise. I love the stories, the cute girls being shy with each other. I love the anticipation, along with the way they look. Yuri has the rawness that some of the popular anime lack.

So I thought I would write this, I don’t know why really. I was just in the mood to write and share.

Nozoki Ana

Kido Tatsuhiko moved to Tokyo to attend an art school. He moved into an apartment building, to start his new life. What he didn’t expect, was to find a hole in his small room and a woman peeping on the other side. The peeping woman, Emiru Ikuno, turns out to be a new class mate and starts a rota for her peeping habit. With this in place, she causes problems for Kido, at his school, in his relationships and, feeling comfortable in his new home. The manga is about how they both deal with this new habit and, how they develop feelings for each other.

This is a manga that I found hard to follow, the art is not of the normal manga variety and, the speech was so relaxed and a little dirty. The art falls into a raunchy category, but the man parts and the lower woman part are cleverly missed out. Yet, even though it is dirty, raunchy and hard to follow, I somehow became captivated. Every waking moment, I was sat on my computer rapidly pressing the right arrow button. I needed to see the next scene, I needed to see what happened next. It just turned out to be deliciously addictive. So much so, that when I came to the end, I felt unsatisfied. I find that this is a good thing in a manga, even if the art isn’t to your taste, it can still take your interest and turn you into an avid reader. I recommend this to anyone who is over the age of 18, just in case.

Citrus (Saburo Uta)

Yuzu transfers to a new school when her mother remarries. The new school is conservative and very strict, unlike herself, who is in love with fashion. On her first day, she clashes with the strong and forceful Mei, who is the student council president and, as she discovers when she gets home, her new step sister. Mei toys with Yuzu, kissing her and playing with her emotions. Yuzu on the other hand, struggles with her feelings and tries to decide on what to do with them. The manga is about their relationship growing into something more than sisters and, about Mei healing her troubled past.

This manga has only recently come onto the scene, even though it started in 2012. It has hit the top rows of mangafox and has recently been released in English Volumes on Amazon. The manga is no typical Yuri either, it concentrates on the story and the substance of the characters over the sex scenes and fan service. The art is sophisticated too, there are some pages that make you stare for a long time. Citrus is a great manga for Yuri lovers but, it is also a great manga for anyone.

Maria Holic

When I found this anime, I was very excited. I saw the plot, about a girl going to a an all girls school to find a girlfriend, it sounded absolutely amazing. Then, I carried on reading. She falls in love with one girl, who happens to me a guy! yes I said it, a guy. In order to keep his secret, she is forced to live with him so he can watch everything she is doing. This left me quite sceptical. Yet, I thought I would watch it anyway. Why not? I had time to spare. That’s where I went wrong. It was without a doubt, hand on the heart awful! The dubbed voices sounded bad, the story line was bad. It was just bad. Don’t watch it. If you value your time, just don’t. 


First Post to Say Hi!

Hey, my name is Amyrose and I started this blog out of pure and utter fun. I have a blog for professional reasons, so I thought having one for my interests would be a whole lot of fun ^.^

I love everything about Japan. I love manga, anime and I love the Japanese fashion. My favourite manga is Yuri and, my favourite anime is Fairy Tail. I follow it every week!

Here is a random picture of me hugging pickachu…just cos.