Summer Season Choices 2016

Shokugeki no Soma Season 2

This starts from where it left off in last years anime season. The Autumn Election finals are under way, with strong characters like Soma and Megumi representing the misunderstood Polar Star Dorm! Who will be the ultimate winner?


In this anime you get a lovely mixture of cute and damn right crazy. This is about a girl called Yuki Kurihara, a second year high school student, who falls in love with Shinya Momotsuki, a boy a year below her. She takes secret photos of him for her ‘Momo-kun Photo Collection’. When the collection hits a hundred, she decides to confess to him. He agrees to go out with her and, the anime follows them as they progress in their relationship.

This Art Club Has a Problem!

This Art Club Has a Problem! is about a group of middle school students who are a member of the schools art club. One member, Uchimaki Subaru, uses his skills to create the perfect 2D Waifu, whilst another member ,Usami Mizuki,  pines over him whilst drawing normal things. The president sleeps all the time on the sofa, whilst a strange foreign student called Colette, pops up every now and again. This anime is random and sometimes hits on dangerously boring.


After graduating high school, Suzukaze Aoba gets a job at a gaming company called Eagle Jump. It is not any ordinary gaming company though, as it is the company that produced ‘Fairies Story’, the game that she obsessed over as a child. The anime is about her getting her footing in the company, learning design and making new friends.

Sweetness and Lightning 

Kohei lost his wife six months ago and is now a single father of his young daughter Tsumugi. He can’t cook and has trouble balancing his professional life as a teacher. Over a chance encounter at a flower festival, he meets Kotori, a student in his class. Her mum is a busy professional cook and owns a restaurant, yet she can’t cook herself. The anime is about them learning to cook together with his daughter and, trying yummy food!


Last but not least is Amanchu, an anime about a young girl nicknamed ‘Teko’, who moves to a new school is a new town. She meets a girl nicknamed ‘Pikari’, who is a diver at the local diving school, of which her grandma owns. Pikari introduces Teko to the wonderful world of diving, accompanied by their new friends at the schools diving club.



Tennomifune Academy, is an elite academy. There are three groups of students; one that studies academics, one that studies sports and lastly, the happiness class. These students have been assessed based on their luck and have been deemed unlucky. Every lesson is a ridiculous task to increase their happiness, led by an overpowered bipolar home room teacher and a small rabbit robot called Timothy, who Anne tries to hug all the time, but always fails.

The main characters consist of five girls;  Anne Hanakoizumi (mentioned above), who is terribly unlucky with pretty much anything. Ruri Habarigaoka, who is in love with a construction sign, so deemed unlucky in love.  Botan Kumegawa who cannot stand physical activity and anything really, without falling to pieces, so unlucky in health. Lastly are the childhood friends Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda. Hibiki is unlucky with navigation, so gets lost twenty four seven, whereas Ren,  has a condition where females of all species are attracted to her. She wakes up every morning with female animals on her, when she sleeps with her window open.

This anime is incredibly colourful, simplistic and as you may have guessed it, happy. The whole anime reminds me of rainbows , confetti and sweets. The characters are adorable teenage girls, with huge eyes and cute natures. Their voice acting is incredibly charming and very realistic. The only thing I did not like about it was its story line, or lack of. Each episode is a random adventure, spouting about dreams and friendship. It is more of an anime for a child. It had so much going for it, yet due to this points, it went down on my list. Overall, it probably earned four out of ten.


Girl Friend Beta

Girl Friend (Kari) started off as a dating simulator Japanese game, that was released on smart phones in 2012. The game became so popular, that an anime was released in 2014. The anime looks at high school, through the point of view of different cute high school girls.

The first character that is introduced is Kokomi Shiina. She is a second year student, who is part of the rhythmic gymnastics club. She goes to school every morning before classes, to train for her competitions. She pops up now and then after the second episode, taking part in the other girls stories. There is also Akane Sakurai, who is part of the broadcast committee. She is the host of her lunchtime radio show.

My favourite combination of girls are Erena Mochizuki and Fumio Murakami. Erena is an outgoing girl who is part of the photography club. She takes photos of girls that she finds cute an interesting. Her best friend is Fumio, who is a quiet girl who manages the library. The episode on how they become friends is interesting and slightly hits the yuri category, in a good way of course.

The last girl that will steal your heart is Chloe Lemaire. She is a French transfer student, that has been living in Japan since her first year at high school. She always spends her time researching Japanese culture in the library and, loves all things Japanese. She makes mistakes in her Japanese, of which her friends often end up correcting her.

As an anime, I love the premise of it. It is a light hearted anime, that shows adorable girls running around leading their lives. The colours are light and beautiful, with lovely and outstanding characters, who shine through. Their character design is ten to none. The only thing you may notice is that all the characters sound the same. You need to persevere through this, as they introduce new characters and break them up as the series goes on.

Overall, I recommend this anime to anyone who is feeling low. It will cheer you up in a second.



Himouto Umaru-chan

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a Japanese manga series written by Sankaku Head. It was adapted to an anime by Doga Kobo July this year. It ended on its 12th episode in September. The anime is about a high school girl called Umaru, who has amazing grades and it good at everything. On the outside she is the perfect student, who is adored by everyone. Yet, when she comes home, she morphs into a layabout, with a liking for cola and gaming. She lives with her older brother Taihei, who she sponges off of, much to his dismay.

The episodes follow Umaru, as she leads her everyday life with her friends and her brother. Each episode has about three different scenarios, which are the short chapters in the manga. The episodes are a mixture of cute and funny, with highly ridiculous and unique scenarios thrown in.

I loved this anime so much, that I watched it three times, read the manga and decided to cosplay for expo. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Gakkou Gurashi Anime

The anime version of Gakkou Gurashi focuses on four girls living in a school, after the zombie apocalypse. I would describe more of this anime, review it as normal, but it made me really mad. The sheer amount of disbelief I experienced blew my mind. I loved the manga so much and, the anime does this. They change it so much, to the point where it hits being ridiculous.  Let me list it out for you:

  • The girls cleared all but the last floor of zombies. The zombies can see them through the broken glass, yet they don’t attack the school.
  • The barricades on each floor is a group of desks. The zombies are being kept away by desks!
  • During the first episode, they wave at the zombies from the top building.
  • They have a day trip to the mall. A mall full of zombies. They try on clothes and have a shopping trip, in a mall full of zombies.
  • They are all almost killed, but are saved by one of the girls making a broadcast announcement saying the school is out. All the zombies leave.
  • After the zombies leave, they stay and make paper flowers for graduation. They really should pack their stuff and run, they don’t know when they will be back.
  • One of the girls sees her best friend as a zombie. The same best friend who left the safety of a barricaded room and entered a mall full of zombies. She smiles with tears of happiness in seeing her.

As you can tell by my previous post, I loved the manga, so this hurts oh so much.

Gakkou Gurashi!

Cute manga with zombies is something that you don’t usually see. Norimitsu Kaihou created something truly unique. In the manga, the world is over run with the living dead and there are three high school girls holed up in a school. You would think that this is an imitation of High School of the Dead, but really it isn’t. There are no panty shots, no bouncy boobs and no gory scenes. There are only cute characters living in a school, with the odd zombie fight scene every now and again.

Yuki, one of the main characters, is in love with her school and lives in a delusional world. To her, everyone is still alive, including her teacher who she affectionately calls Meguu-nee, who was killed by zombies shortly after the outbreak. She belongs to the School Life Club, created when Meguu-nee was still alive, with her friends and co-survivors Rii and Kurumi. Rii looks after the two of them, cooking for them and managing the supplies they have in the school. Kurumi is the fighter, who clears the school floors of zombies with her chosen weapon, the spade. The story of the manga follows them through surviving in the school, Yuki coming to terms with what is really happening, and later, them branching out of the school to other locations.

The zombies are represented in an unusual way. They are shown as black figures, with the odd body and face scene every now and again. The plot is more about the character development and the story, more than anything else. The story is so good, that there are rumours that it is going to be made into an anime. The manga updates are quite slow, but worth reading when you get the chance. You could even follow the anime when it is released, you know I will!