HiDive, The New Anime Streaming Site

When looking into how to watch season 2 of Umaru chan, I discovered HiDive. On this website, you pay $4 for unlimited streaming. There are updated anime episodes, anime dubs, series and movies. There is a large selection right at your fingertips.

This site, has many interesting qualities. The streaming site is 100% legal, so it will work on any computer. It also has pinned searches, in-episode chat along with being able to choose between  English and Japanese audio. One of my favourite features on this streaming site is black out. This means that you can make the background dark, so that you can concentrate on the series or movie you are watching.

Yet, with many great things, there are still some negatives. One of the negatives that really bugs me, is that it doesn’t work on the iPad or my Playstation 4. When trying to load it, the video doesn’t appear and just keeps the writing. This means, that I am unable to watch and write at the same time. Another of the negatives, is that the website doesn’t remember me. Every time I visit the website, I have to log in.

The community, when comparing to Crunchyroll, is pretty bad. The groups don’t have a large variety, with nothing of interest. The profile page is bland, compared to the Crunchyroll one, where you can update statuses and blog.

Overall, this website is handy for watching Himouto Umaru Chan Season 2 and Shobitch, but for everything else I would stick to Crunchyroll.





Stalking and kleptomania has never been something that I have considered in itself cute. I have always considered it a creepy and disturbing hobby, yet, Momokuri has turned this disturbing act into something completely different. They have made it as cute as a couple of fluffy bunny ears.

The anime is about a girl called Kurihara Yuki. She is stalking a short boy called Momotsuki Shinya, nicknamed ‘Momo-kun’. She takes photos of his expressions and collects items he has touched. She decides to tell Momo how she feels when she hits two hundred pictures. Momo accepts her feelings and the anime is about them progressing their relationship.

The one positive thing that kept me watching this anime was its innocence. They don’t kiss, he only walks her to the bus stop and they do wholesome activities like a BBQ and studying. The clothing that they wear are even more adorable. Momo and his friends wear corduroys and cardigans, whereas the girls also wear cardigans and dresses.

This is where the negatives come in. As adorable and charming it might be, it lacks any reality. The ability to relate to any of the characters are lost the moment the episode starts. Furthermore, the colours are pastel and bright, the art is simple and the voices are incredibly high pitched. One of the factors I take into account when watching anime is the art. Making this rainbow anime unforgivable. You can watch an anime which is simple, yet this was too simple.



Summer Season Choices 2016

Shokugeki no Soma Season 2

This starts from where it left off in last years anime season. The Autumn Election finals are under way, with strong characters like Soma and Megumi representing the misunderstood Polar Star Dorm! Who will be the ultimate winner?


In this anime you get a lovely mixture of cute and damn right crazy. This is about a girl called Yuki Kurihara, a second year high school student, who falls in love with Shinya Momotsuki, a boy a year below her. She takes secret photos of him for her ‘Momo-kun Photo Collection’. When the collection hits a hundred, she decides to confess to him. He agrees to go out with her and, the anime follows them as they progress in their relationship.

This Art Club Has a Problem!

This Art Club Has a Problem! is about a group of middle school students who are a member of the schools art club. One member, Uchimaki Subaru, uses his skills to create the perfect 2D Waifu, whilst another member ,Usami Mizuki,  pines over him whilst drawing normal things. The president sleeps all the time on the sofa, whilst a strange foreign student called Colette, pops up every now and again. This anime is random and sometimes hits on dangerously boring.


After graduating high school, Suzukaze Aoba gets a job at a gaming company called Eagle Jump. It is not any ordinary gaming company though, as it is the company that produced ‘Fairies Story’, the game that she obsessed over as a child. The anime is about her getting her footing in the company, learning design and making new friends.

Sweetness and Lightning 

Kohei lost his wife six months ago and is now a single father of his young daughter Tsumugi. He can’t cook and has trouble balancing his professional life as a teacher. Over a chance encounter at a flower festival, he meets Kotori, a student in his class. Her mum is a busy professional cook and owns a restaurant, yet she can’t cook herself. The anime is about them learning to cook together with his daughter and, trying yummy food!


Last but not least is Amanchu, an anime about a young girl nicknamed ‘Teko’, who moves to a new school is a new town. She meets a girl nicknamed ‘Pikari’, who is a diver at the local diving school, of which her grandma owns. Pikari introduces Teko to the wonderful world of diving, accompanied by their new friends at the schools diving club.


Tennomifune Academy, is an elite academy. There are three groups of students; one that studies academics, one that studies sports and lastly, the happiness class. These students have been assessed based on their luck and have been deemed unlucky. Every lesson is a ridiculous task to increase their happiness, led by an overpowered bipolar home room teacher and a small rabbit robot called Timothy, who Anne tries to hug all the time, but always fails.

The main characters consist of five girls;  Anne Hanakoizumi (mentioned above), who is terribly unlucky with pretty much anything. Ruri Habarigaoka, who is in love with a construction sign, so deemed unlucky in love.  Botan Kumegawa who cannot stand physical activity and anything really, without falling to pieces, so unlucky in health. Lastly are the childhood friends Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda. Hibiki is unlucky with navigation, so gets lost twenty four seven, whereas Ren,  has a condition where females of all species are attracted to her. She wakes up every morning with female animals on her, when she sleeps with her window open.

This anime is incredibly colourful, simplistic and as you may have guessed it, happy. The whole anime reminds me of rainbows , confetti and sweets. The characters are adorable teenage girls, with huge eyes and cute natures. Their voice acting is incredibly charming and very realistic. The only thing I did not like about it was its story line, or lack of. Each episode is a random adventure, spouting about dreams and friendship. It is more of an anime for a child. It had so much going for it, yet due to this points, it went down on my list. Overall, it probably earned four out of ten.


This Seasons Anime – My Following List

For this season, I have only managed to find a few that I could actually get into.The whole end of the world theme, that has been following most of the anime this season, isn’t really my thing. In my current state, I can only deal with happy anime mainly. That is the bugger of mental health really. But, don’t let that fool you. My taste is usually OK in general. So here it is ladies and gentleman, a peak into my Crunchyroll following list.

Flying Witch 

This anime, is full of calm and is very easy to watch. It follows a young witch called Makoto,  who moves to a beautiful county city in Aomori. She moves in with her non witch relatives, along her black cat Chito. The anime is about her witch training and, who she encounters along the way.


Tennomifune Academy, is an elite academy where students train in either academics or sports. That is everyone, apart from class 1-7. These students have been assessed based on their luck and, take a course to increase it. Anne Hanakoizumi is terribly unlucky. She falls into man holes and gets attacked by animals, despite her positive nature. Ruri Habarigaoka is unlucky in love. She is in love with a sign in construction sites and, keeps a picture of it in her pass case. Botan Kumegawa is unlucky in health. She injures easily, but because her dad is a doctor, she can treat them efficiently. Lastly there is Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda. Hibiki has a terrible sense of direction and gets lost easily, whereas Ren, her childhood friend, has a condition where females of all species are attracted to her.

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

This one is a very very chilled out anime. It may have the ability to put you to sleep. The anime is about Tanaka-kun, a listless student who is always dozing in class and acts tired when awake. He is looked after by his friend Ohta, who makes sure he gets to class on time and eats properly.



The Perfect Insider

The Perfect Insider (Subete ga F ni Naru), consists of an assistant lecturer, a cute rich student and an idolized reclusive scientist. Mix all of these with a lab on a far away island in the middle of the sea and, you get this anime.

The anime was founded on a mystery novel by Hiroshi Mori in 1996. It began airing in Japan this month and, it has not failed to impress its audience. The story revolves around Sohei Saikawa, who is a member of Saikawa Research Lab and, Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of Sohei’s mentor. They take a trip with the other lab members to Dr Magata’s Lab, on an island in the middle of nowhere. Here, they discover a corpse and work to find the killer.

The anime has only released two episodes so far, not giving much away. You would not know what the anime is about, if you haven’t read the novel or manga adaptation already. What it has shown so far though, is very interesting, with a hint of creepy. The graphics are the epitome of modern anime animation and, the characters are more modern looking than cute.

I would recommend this new seasons anime, as detective mysteries appear to be in fashion at the moment and, it is something different.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie is a 5 minute net anime series that has recently found its way to crunchyroll. It is about a girl called Sayuri, who attends a year long course at a patisserie school. Living in the dorms with her friend Ran, she works on her sweets to make people happy. A perfect example of this is when she makes everyone chocolates for valentines day.

The characters and the setting of Bonjour is very feminine and very over the top. With every opportunity, something sparkles, flowers are seen and the teachers do something to entice the female students. There are even small round cake monster things that say maro and are the epiphany of cuteness. Every episode is about a different scenario at the school, from vacations with the teachers to the mountains and looking in the garden for sweet inspiration.

As a cooking anime, it doesn’t have much story structure to it. Everything is either too simple or too ridiculous to comprehend. They start making something and then suddenly it’s there in all its sparkly glory.It would be better if you could see the process and the ingredients like Shokugeki no Soma. Having the characters take you on a journey is the best thing about an anime

Overall, as a time waster it is fine. But, it is not something to get invested in as, there is nothing to invest in.