Summer Season Choices 2016

Shokugeki no Soma Season 2

This starts from where it left off in last years anime season. The Autumn Election finals are under way, with strong characters like Soma and Megumi representing the misunderstood Polar Star Dorm! Who will be the ultimate winner?


In this anime you get a lovely mixture of cute and damn right crazy. This is about a girl called Yuki Kurihara, a second year high school student, who falls in love with Shinya Momotsuki, a boy a year below her. She takes secret photos of him for her ‘Momo-kun Photo Collection’. When the collection hits a hundred, she decides to confess to him. He agrees to go out with her and, the anime follows them as they progress in their relationship.

This Art Club Has a Problem!

This Art Club Has a Problem! is about a group of middle school students who are a member of the schools art club. One member, Uchimaki Subaru, uses his skills to create the perfect 2D Waifu, whilst another member ,Usami Mizuki,  pines over him whilst drawing normal things. The president sleeps all the time on the sofa, whilst a strange foreign student called Colette, pops up every now and again. This anime is random and sometimes hits on dangerously boring.


After graduating high school, Suzukaze Aoba gets a job at a gaming company called Eagle Jump. It is not any ordinary gaming company though, as it is the company that produced ‘Fairies Story’, the game that she obsessed over as a child. The anime is about her getting her footing in the company, learning design and making new friends.

Sweetness and Lightning 

Kohei lost his wife six months ago and is now a single father of his young daughter Tsumugi. He can’t cook and has trouble balancing his professional life as a teacher. Over a chance encounter at a flower festival, he meets Kotori, a student in his class. Her mum is a busy professional cook and owns a restaurant, yet she can’t cook herself. The anime is about them learning to cook together with his daughter and, trying yummy food!


Last but not least is Amanchu, an anime about a young girl nicknamed ‘Teko’, who moves to a new school is a new town. She meets a girl nicknamed ‘Pikari’, who is a diver at the local diving school, of which her grandma owns. Pikari introduces Teko to the wonderful world of diving, accompanied by their new friends at the schools diving club.


Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

This anime has had a very positive impression on me. It has only reached episode eight and I am already addicted.

In this world, the gods renounced their powers and went to live with the humans on earth. The only powers they have left, are giving blessings to adventurers and in return they join what they call their Familia. They become servants to the god that gives them their blessing and adventure or does a specific profession to bring in money to the Familia. Levelling, skills and creature drops are real in this world and the setting is medieval. It is like World of Warcraft, but for anime.

The main character is Bell Cranel, who wanted to join a Familia but no one would take him, due to not being very strong. He comes across the goddess Hestia and, joins her Familia. The only downfall is that he is her only servant. The story is about him becoming stronger, in order to become noticed by the beautiful Aiz Wallenstein, who is part of the Loki Familia and his current love interest.

The fight scenes of this anime are very good and very much like Sword Art Online. The fights are well choreographed, dramatic and captivating. Bells voice actor is even the same as Kirito from Sword Art Online. This anime is very good and something I would highly suggest.

Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga that is increasing in popularity. So popular in fact, that it has just recently become an anime. It has only reached its second episode, but it is very entertaining, a lot like its original manga.

The manga is about Soma Yukihara, the 15 year old boy who is obsessed with cooking and wants to become a chef that is better than his father. He works in his fathers special of the day restaurant, where he has cooking contests with him and always loses. One day, his father closes the restaurant and tells Soma that he is going away for a few years to cook with a friend. He calls this an opportunity for Soma to hone his cooking skills and sends him to an elite cooking school called Totsuki Culinary Academy. If he can’t survive the cooking school, he has no hope of reaching his fathers level.

At this academy, he comes across the next generation of elite chefs and works hard not to get expelled. The school has a low graduation rate with hard tests that Soma must complete. He comes across a lot of characters on his journey to greatness and establishes a lot of precious relationships. He meets Megumi, his kind hearted friend in a dorm full of misfits. He also meets the established Erina Nakiri, the youngest member of the elite ten executive committee in the school and the possessor of gods tongue. After reading 121 chapters, I am still not sure as to what that is.

The manga itself has intricate illustrations of dishes the characters create. The food looks delicious and the process of how the characters make it is very interesting. The manga turns cooking into a superpower and over dramatises everything. It even makes you want to become a chef. The only downfall is that it is released every month and I am a very impatient person. It is without a doubt a read that you will enjoy.


Sword Art Online II

This second season of SAO is the thing to look out for every week! 

Kirito and Asuna start off in the anime living a happy life, They go to school, they play ALFheim online with their friends, they are madly in love. This is until a character in the game called Gun Gale Online shoots people, which results in their real life deaths. Kirito is forced into this world, transferring his stats, in order to discover who he is. Kirito has no idea how to play the game, so he asks a character how to play. This character is called Sinon, who thinks he is a girl due to his long hair. When she later finds out he is not, he gains a rival. 

Sinon is one of the characters you sympathise with in this anime, due to her being so fragile. In reality, she shot a man who tried to rob a post office, so she suffers panic and vomiting whenever she sees a gun. She joined GGO in order to get over this phobia and to become the strongest. 

I hold this anime dear to my heart, as it has inspired me to play video games again (which pleases my gamer boyfriend greatly). It is an anime which inspires and grabs the viewers every week. Every Sunday I am at my laptop ready to go. If you enjoyed SAO 1, you will definitely enjoy this.