That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime – Episodes 2-3

In the last episode, Rimuru had met the famous dragon Veldora. Veldora, trapped after fighting a summoner, had been lonely for some years until Rimuru came along. In episode 2, they discuss how they could get him out of his seal and take him on his journey. At the end of the episode, Rimuru has absorbed him from the outside, whilst Veldora attacked the inside of the seal. This resulted in Rimuru having Veldora inside him, until one day he can find a way to get him back. After that ordeal, he jumps around the cave trying to find a way out, but gaining experience skills along the way and having his first look at human adventurers.


After absorbing many skills from cave creatures, Rimuru ventures out into the unknown world. He eventually comes across a goblin village who is being attacked by direwolves. Having noticed his immense magical power, the goblins come to bargain with him, yet gain a leader. He agrees to protect them from the direwolves and that’s the end of episode 2.

2018-10-25 (1)

In episode 3 however, is when it kicks off. Rimuru, the new leader of the goblins, hatches a plan to defeat the direwolves. Using a fence and his sticky string attack, he manages to defeat the direwolf leader. The direwolves then join the village and Rimuru declares them to live together in harmony. He assigns them into couples to live together, gives them jobs to improve the village and he names them, unknowing that in this world, when you name monsters they evolve and you use magic. He named so many monsters that he finally became jelly and had to heal for 3 days. When he wakes up, he is shocked by the look of everyone, as he did not know that they level up. The episode ends with him leaving with a group to talk to the dwarves. The goblins don’t have skills to make housing or clothes, so he is looking for outside help.

2018-10-25 (2)

These couple of episodes seemed to be very calm and collecting compared to what I was expecting. The whole series in general is shocking me with this slice of life style. Rimuru finds a tsundere dragon, then becomes a village leader, then makes all the enemies become friends. I would say that I find it boring, but I feel that this is a fresh look at fantasy and I feel that it could go down well. I also liked the evolved creatures, as the goblin ladies became ecchi and the direwolves became so awesome they could control their size.

2018-10-25 (3)

What I did not like, on the other hand, is that Rimuru did not know about the naming. He has absorbed many creatures and has a little computer in his head, so surely it would have said something at some point. I also did not like the fact that the first awesome creature you see (Veldora), gets absorbed and then you don’t see him again. I feel that it is a character cop out, because they did not carry on with him.

Yet overall, I love fantasy and the story line is not actually that bad, so I will probably keep at it. Stay tuned!




Uzamaid! – Episode One

If you like cute maids and lolicons, then this anime is for you. This manga series turned anime, is about an ex military, young girl obsessed woman who gets a job as a maid for a Russian household. The young girl Misha, dislikes anyone since the death of her mother. The anime is about them getting along in their day to day life.

2018-10-24 (3)

The first episode begins with an aeroplane shooting through the sky. The screen shows you the look of a stern woman. Then, a picturesque scene hits, with a young girl and woman playing in their garden. Finally, it goes on to the main character Tsubame Kamoi, in the job centre. She has just left the military and is now looking for a job. Unfortunately, her requirements are a bit peculiar. She wants a job where she can dress a small white girl. She instantly gets kicked out and visits Misha’s house on the way home. This is when she finds the advert for a maid and the episode progresses from there.

2018-10-24 (4)

During the interview, Misha throws dirty water on Tsubame’s head. She hopes that this will chase her away, but just makes her will stronger. Claiming that she has climbed through trenches, she starts measuring Misha for clothing and takes a bath with her. She hides in the water and jumps out on her, making Misha run away.

2018-10-24 (5)

This anime is all about Misha running away from Tsubame in strange situations. There is one scene where she lures Misha out with a curry, only for Misha to get caught by her flying down on her.  Then, she looks out the window and finds her half way up a lamp post again. I can only imagine that the situations will get weirder and weirder as the anime goes on.

2018-10-24 (6)

What I like about this anime, is not only the comedic value, but also the animation. The perfect example of this is when Misha is running down the stairs. The camera shows it in 3D, with the surroundings moving with her. The way she moves seems more realistic than other anime and it has depth to it that other anime does not.

2018-10-24 (7)

What I did not like, on the other hand, was Misha as a character. I understand that you would be sad if your mum died, but that does not give you the excuse to set fire to the laundry or cover your potential maid in mud. It just seems a bit brattish to me.

Overall, I will carry on watching. I love maids so it is a no brainer really.

Goblin Slayer- Episodes 2-3

For those of you who don’t know what Goblin Slayer is, it is the most brutal anime of all time. Yet, in the last couple of episodes, it has gotten a lot tamer.

I have done the two episodes together as a review because the second episode was quite boring. This is the episode that set the back story of why the Goblin Slayer does what he does, with some killing and narrating in the mix. You learn that his childhood friend was sent to her uncles farm and stayed there because their small village was attacked by goblins. The Goblin Slayers sister was tormented, raped and killed whilst all he could do was watch, hidden away for safety.

2018-10-21 (4)

The third episode, on the other hand, gets a lot better. In this one, a party approaches the Priestess to join them and a sexy, large chested mage talks to her about her experiences with him. Upstairs, whilst this is happening, the Goblin Slayer is approached by a party of adventurers. A high elf, a dwarf and a lizard man. The demon king has risen and the race chieftains met. To make sure that they were neutral, one adventurer from each race was chosen to come to the human realm. Their aim, kill the goblins that have become more active in the Elvin forest. They ask the Goblin Slayer to join them and he agrees. He tries to tell the Priestess that he should rest and she just says ‘I am coming with you’.

2018-10-21 (6)

The third episode was a lot more interesting than the second one. You got a lot more interesting characters added to your party and you get to see how great the high elf is with her bow. She takes down two goblins and a guard dog in one go. I also found the back story with the mage interesting. She was sexy, yet she gave some interesting information to allow the Priestess to make her decision.

2018-10-21 (7)

What I did not like, was the fact that the second episode was so mundane. I felt like I was watching a filler episode and it was only episode two.  I also did not like the way the adventurers were talking about the Goblin Slayer in the guild. As high ranked adventurers themselves, they should understand the reason why his armour is dirty or the reason why he has a small shield. Instead, it took the dwarf to point it out. The armour is dirty to mask scent, the shield is small to wave around in small confined spaces and he wears leather because it is easy to move around in.

2018-10-21 (8)

I will continue to watch this anime, as I want to see how it will go, yet I feel it may be at risk of being dropped if I get anymore episodes like episode two.


Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighboured – Episode 3

In this weeks episode, Sophie gets to live out her youthful aspirations. Firstly, she gets to go round a friends house and secondly, she attends a high school.

In the beginning of the anime, Sophie has bought a few dakimakura online. She tries to fit them all in her coffin, but they wont fit and interrupts her sleep. She wakes up and Akari invites her to Hinata’s house. Sophie gets excited because she has never been round a friends house before. When attending, she gets invited in and basks in the fact that she is there. She goes to pet Hinatas dog, but it starts to growl. Hinata said that it is probably because she looks like a burglar in black, but the likelihood is that the dog can smell vampire. It is in this story that you learn that Sophie was turned into a vampire but her family was not. You also learn that she has a friend that when she was turned into a vampire, she took her whole family down with her.

2018-10-20 (4)

In the second story, Akari forgets her lunch, so Sophie takes it to school for her. When she goes there, people think that she is an assassin because of her black clothing. Yet when Akari says that is her friend, her classmates just say that makes sense. It is too bright for Sophie to go back home, so she stays at the school. To make it look like she belongs, a class mate named Yamada asks her to step in. She impersonates her in her cloak for the rest of the day. This is when she gets to live out her high school fantasy and stops somewhere on the way home from school just because she can.

2018-10-20 (5)

In this episode, you get a bit of a back story from Sophie, but also you get to see the back of the character that has not been introduced yet. You can tell from the intro that she will come in to the anime at some point, but you don’t know when. All you know is that she is another vampire about the same age as Sophie.

2018-10-20 (6)

This week, the anime seemed very wholesome. Sophie got to go round a friends house and attend high school. The look on her face when she stepped over the fresh hold was absolutely adorable. Sophie also looked cute in Yamada’s school uniform, even if they were light colours. I also liked the fact that you found out something personal about Sophie. During the last two weeks, you haven’t learnt a thing about her so it is great that she is progressing as a character.

2018-10-20 (7)

What I did not like, was the fact that Akari’s friends were very blasé about Sophie being a vampire. They just sat there and asked questions, with the only concern that Sophie lied about her age. The friend that she talks about in the first part of the anime posts her family on Instagram, claiming it is her 421st birthday. I also did not like this, as it seems that in this world vampires do not hide what they are and again everyone was relaxed about it.

2018-10-20 (8)

So overall, this week it was very cute and innocent.  The only thing I liked was the cuteness.

Angels of Death – Episodes 13-15

Angel of Death is one of my favourite anime, so I have been waiting for it to build up. For those who do not know, it is about a girl who wakes up in a building and has to work her way through multiple floors of serial killers. She travels with one who has left his floor and they have a vow ‘will you kill me’. Once they get out, he will kill her.


In these episodes you learn quite a few interesting things. Firstly, there is a floor that looks exactly like Rachel’s house, her parents are there dead on the sofa and it is full of traps. As the episodes go on, you learn that Rachel’s Dad killed her mum and tried to kill her, so she shot him. She sewed them up to make them her own happy family.  This is when Danny made her a resident of that floor, killing people with traps and sewing them back together. Yet, she had a mental breakdown and lost her memories, which resulted in her being a sacrifice. Zack gets angry and asks whether she lied to him and all she does is yell his name. This is when she runs around the floor trying to kill him with traps until finally they face each other, her with a gun and him with a scythe. He tells her he is not her god and they have a heart to heart until finally they leave the floor together, vow still intact.

2018-10-21 (1)

This is when things take a turn for the worse. They have found the way out through a large stair case and are running when Danny detonates the self destruct sequence. The building starts to explode and set fire and they become trapped. Zack is scared of fire so he starts to freak out, but when he sees Rachel trying to get out, he helps and smashes his way through, until they finally get to the top. They are about to leave when Danny shoots Rachel and she falls to the floor. Another heart to heart with tears happen and then Danny freaks out and shoots her again. Thinking this is the end of the road, Zack starts to beg Rachel to still be alive. She does not answer but the Priest steps in to save the day. He keeps Danny at bay with bow and arrows and then that’s it, he takes her out. The Priest promises Zack that she is still alive and that is that.

2018-10-21 (2)

In the beginning of episode 13, it leads you to think that she doesn’t want to die. She panics and asks Zack not to go onto that floor. She finally remembers and is scared of Zack as he hates liars. I did not like this, as she had been saying she wants to die over and over for the last 13 episodes, so a sudden mind change would have really made the anime turn for the worse. Danny at this point becomes a thorn in the side as well. He appears on Rachel’s floor and locks her in a room as Zack looks around, he shoots Rachel as she is about to get out and tries to kill her, just to keep their promise away. He is like the annoying child that follows you around.

2018-10-21 (3)

Yet the anime has its merits, mainly for story line. The plot twist that Rachel was the resident of the floor and the building was great, also when they faced each other it felt like a serial killer off. It was interesting and a great twist to an anime that seemed to be going down hill very quickly.

I cannot wait to episode 16 to come out, I am hoping that they will kill each other in the end but you never know!!


Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighbourhood – Episode 2

In this episode, there are two small stories.In the first one, Sophie and Akari go to a book signing for a light novel and the second, Akari has her friend over.

The anime begins as cute as ever. Akari is watching Sophie sleep, whilst hearts flutter around her. She loves dolls and loves Sophie because she looks like a doll. When Sophie wakes up, she thinks that Akari has drawn on her face, but really she has done her hair into twin tails. The anime then carries on to Sophie wanting to go to a book signing, reminiscing about all the books she has had for over 300 years. At this point, you learn something about Sophie. She has been collecting signed books as a hobby. The anime then carries on to them going to the book signing. Because Sophie is a vampire, she has to dress in a cape and a parasol. They are walking through the street and they avoid certain things because Sophie is scared of them. For a vampire, she is a bit of a scaredy cat. The story ends with Akari saving her, because her parasol gets blown away.


The second story starts with Akari walking home with her friend Hinata. She worries about Akari, so she asks to come round to her house. Akari agrees and arranges it straight away. On the way back, they pick movies to rent and watch, Akari stops and gets a lot of horror movies, but Hinata hates them. The story then goes on to be a bit mundane, with them watching horror movies and eating dinner. This story is mainly designed for Sophie and Hinata to build a relationship.

2018-10-20 (1)

What I loved about this episode is that it showed Sophie’s quirks. She didn’t go down a road because it had a church, then didn’t go down another road because there was a gyoza shop down there that used a lot of garlic. It made me laugh and gave a lot more substance to the character. Another thing I liked, is that the characters watched horror movies. There was the anime version of the grudge and of Friday the 13th. I love horror movies so it is always fun to see them in anime form.

2018-10-20 (2).png

What I did not like about this episode, is the fact that the second story was so mundane. The only funny part was when Sophie was worried about the waste of blood, when Hinata thought she was scared. The other thing I did not like was that they rented movies, which seems strange for this day and age with the closure of many Blockbusters. This made the skit turn very old very quickly.

2018-10-20 (3)

So overall, the episode was OK. It was not great, but it was great fun to watch.

The Halloween Blogathon

IT IS THE HALLOWEEN BLOGATHON!!  From now, all the way up to Halloween, I will be gracing my blog with a new review everyday! Halloween is my favourite holiday, so why not celebrate it with the anime that I love! make sure to follow to get notifications for future posts, you don’t want to miss out!!



Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighbourhood – Episode One

Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighbourhood is a manga turned anime, which has just been released this season. I have had a lot of anime to work through so far so I have only just got to this one. There are so many good ones this time around, it is hard to find the ones I want to review!

The episode begins with a young girl wandering through the woods with her phone. Akari is talking to herself, about trying to find the house that a doll lives in. There is a young girl stalking her and it makes you think she is about to get eaten, yet the girl saves her and upon request, takes her to her house. You learn then that he name is Sophie Twilight and she is a vampire. The episode then follows on with Akari visiting her everyday then eventually moving in. Her family were nonchalant and agreed for her to move in with a vampire straight out.

2018-10-14 (7)

Akari is absolutely in love with dolls and loves Sophie because she is a living doll in her eyes. She tries to get her to suck her blood and she jumps and hugs her on a regular basis. Sophie tries to scare her away, but she eventually warms up to her.

2018-10-14 (8)

The anime is very cute with light colours. Akari is an impulsive girl who loves dolls and Sophie is an otaku vampire. This weird combination made me fall in love outright. The house that she lives in is a basic mansion, but she has odd anime figurines dotted on the fireplace. She drinks blood out of tea cups and has them as lollies in the summer. I found this very creative and a great concept for a vampire.

2018-10-14 (6)

Yet, with every anime there are downfalls. There is a scene where Akari runs away after Sophie shows her how strong she is. It leads you to believe that she ran away in fear, yet she just went to retrieve the jars that she could not open. I found this annoying, as you know that she is going to come back, plus if you love someone like she says she does, surely you would say something first? Another thing I do not like is the fact that Sophie can manifest bat wings. There is scene in the beginning where she flies Akari out of the woods and to her house. I may have been influenced by vampire literature, but I did not like the bat wings she grew. I felt that it took me out of the immersion and I found it hard to get into it again.

2018-10-14 (5)

Overall, I will be following this anime, because it is just too cute not to!

Goblin Slayer – Episode One

Goblin Slayer is a light novel turned anime, dark fantasy series. The anime is about a Goblin Slayer and Priestess. I warn you, it’s about to get harsh.

When watching this first episode, you believe it to be light-hearted, yet you are soon proven very very wrong. The anime begins with the priestess in a cave, black and white surrounded by creatures, which are later revealed to be goblins. She is scared, crying and covered in blood. A huge armoured man appears and then it flashes to the beginning. The priestess joins a guild and becomes an adventurer. You do not learn her name, but you learn that she is 15 years of age and has just left her temple. She is approached by a group of adventurers, to take down a cave full of goblins.


With the way that the group is acting, you would have thought that it would have gone smoothly and easily, yet, you are proven wrong and the blood and gore starts. The party are stabbed and beaten to death, raped and poisoned. The only two to survive is the priestess and the fighter, who soon returns home after being raped constantly. The two are saved by a high silver ranked adventurer, who calls himself the goblin slayer. The priestess then joins him for the rest of the series.

2018-10-14 (1)

With the anime, I really should have done my research before I started. It was absolutely brutal. I was taken by surprise with one action after another, with one scene causing me to put my hand over my mouth. I learnt afterwards that I had gotten a taste of dark fantasy.

Even though it shocked me, I was conscious enough to watch attentively. I loved the designs of the characters, for instance the goblin slayer. He is clad in armour and talks in a low voice, devoid of emotion. He brutally bashes the goblins in the head and squishes goblin children. He sets them on fire and stabs them in the head. I also liked the priestess as well. She is pure, with long blonde hair and white clothing. She has a staff with rings on them that make noise, which I haven’t seen before. Even though she is young and pure, she survived the ordeal and wants to get stronger. That kind of drive makes her very empowering.

2018-10-14 (3)

Now lets get to the parts that I didn’t like in this episode. In the party was a mage who had just graduated from the mage school in the capital. The way that they were talking about her, I thought that she would be fairly strong, yet she only knew one spell and gets taken down by the goblins fairly easily. Another thing that I didn’t like is the fact that the receptionist in the guild didn’t stop the adventurer group going to fight the goblins. She told them it wasn’t a good idea and had a worried look on her face, but she didn’t fight to save them. Yet, at the end of the episode she greets the priestess with a smile. She seemed cold-hearted with a warm smile which confused the hell out of me.

2018-10-14 (4)

Overall, even though I am emotionally scared, I will be carrying on with this anime! stay tuned for my thoughts on future episodes!