1,2,3,4 We Are Cells At Work!!

Cells at Work is the new anime about anthropomorphic cells each doing their job in the human body on a daily basis. There are explanations on each cell and antigen, so the audience knows who is who.

The show mainly focuses on a red blood cell, who keeps on getting lost around the human body, transporting her carbon dioxide and oxygen to other cells. She is often saved from bacteria and antigens by white blood cell, who pops up in every episode. The only other regular group of characters that pop up in the show are the ever so cute platelets. They are grade school looking cells, who mend cell walls and wounds.

The anime is very entertaining and if you are feeling low, guaranteed to put you in a good mood. The characters are lovable, relatable and the theme song is so catchy. I find myself singing to it every week. The animations are great as well, following the new anime style that has come up. The character design on the cells are great too, with the red blood having a hat in the shape of a red blood cell and the white blood cell being white through and through.

The design of the antigens and bacteria on the other hand, are very weird. They remind me of aliens, which they technically are to the cells. The colours are too bald, but their facial expressions are the epitome of evil. They show the true expressions of evil characters in anime.

The human that the cells live in as well, seems to be getting unwell every five minutes. First there is cold bacteria, then a parasite, then cancer. The human seems to be going through the worst time of their life! It is wonder that he is still alive.

Despite the nit picking, it is great to watch and really enjoyable. You would not regret it.






Harukana Receive

With the rise of the popularity of sports anime, there was no wonder that a Beach Volleyball one would make an appearance this season.

Oozora Haruka moves to Okinawa in her second year of high school. As a character, Haruka is optimistic and generally cheerful, yet she has a hang up on how tall she is compared to everyone else. She stays with her cousin Higa Kanata, who also has a hang up on her height. She left volleyball, a sport she once loved, because she was too short. Together, through a twist of fate, they join forces to make a beach volleyball team and this anime is about their journey.

The characters that stand out to me with this one are Emily and Claire Thomas. They are sisters who come to Okinawa from America as exchange students. They have been in Okinawa since middle school and are trained by their mum, who is a volleyball champion. As sisters, they contrast quiet a bit. Emily is the shy book loving character, who wears glasses and always follows the rules, whereas Claire is the extroverted type, who is sporty and fiery. Together they make the second most powerful team in Beach Volleyball.

As an anime, It is more fan service than sporty. There are constant shots of the boobs and bum, with sweat coming off them, but not as much sweat as Hanebado! where sweat practically pours off the characters. There are an array of characters to suit everyone’s taste as well. There is the idol type Akari Oshiro, the tsundere type Narumi Toi and also the lolicon character Mai Sunagawa. You are sorted no matter what fetish you have.

Despite the fan service, I found this anime to be very enjoyable to watch. One you get past the bum and boobs, it has a well structured story line and the Beach Volleyball matches are full of action. Yet, with all the anime I seem to watch at the moment, it takes a bad turn around episode 10. The anime jumps one year to next summer and it makes me think that the anime company rushed it too much. It was out of the blue with no warning. This jumped me out of my immersion and I found myself trying to calculate the age of all of the characters as the one year jump threw me off so much.

So, with all that said, I would recommend this anime, as it is entertaining to watch and fits the warm feel we are getting weather wise at the moment.



Angels of Death

When I first heard of Angels of Death, I felt nothing but excitement. I love serial killers to the point that I would consider it a hobby, so what could go wrong if one partners up with a suicidal person? up to most recent episode…not a lot.

Lets begin this review with describing the characters. A young girl named Rachel Gardner, wakes up in a building to find out she is a sacrifice and there is a serial killer on each floor that is trying to kill her. The rules? they cannot leave their floor. The first floor that she comes across is Zack’s, which begins the whole story. Rachel escapes his floor and finds her way up to Dr Danny’s, a strange man with an obsession with eyes. In the nick of time Zack appears and ‘kills’ Dr Danny, but wont kill Rachel because she has boring eyes. Little did he release, was at the moment of death, Rachel realised that she wasn’t supposed to be alive.  When trying to smash his way to the next floor, Rachel comes to him with a request. ‘Please will you kill me’. That is when their strange oath is born. Make yourself useful and get me out of this place and then I will kill you. He hopes then she will make more exciting eyes.

When they work their way of the floors, you come across characters Like Eddie Mason, a child who knows how to build graves and loves Rachel so much that he wants to put Rachel in one and Catherine Ward, a warden who wants to pass judgement on Rachel and Zack. The last floor, which appears in episode 10 onwards, has Abraham Gray. He is a tall religious man who wants to pass judgement on Rachel. He uses gas to manipulate her mind and blames her for the fall of his beloved ‘angels’. This leads you to believe that he is the creator of the building.

The floors and the mechanisms get more exciting as they progress to each floor. I found Eddies floor to be too simple, due to lack of mechanisms and general excitement. There was only graves and his ‘love’ for Rachel. Cathy’s floor was more exciting, she has music and mechanisms, but there was so many it lost its realism. I know that this kind of situation wont happen in real life, a lot like the Saw movies, but if it is not fantasy I do tend to expect a certain amount of realism.

This is when the last floor really lets the anime down. I found the gas and what she sees when she breathes it in a little too ridiculous. At one point, she is being chased by a large snake. The floor also goes on for a long time. First she revisits the other floors to get medicine for Zack, then she is tripping on gas and seeing ridiculous things, then she is being judged by the serial killers of each floor, which are apparently dead. It is hard to keep up.

Overall, I would say that the anime is great, but stop watching it on episode 10. It drags too much. It is also tempting to try the game. It is simple 80s style so it might do the plot a lot more justice than the anime does.





How to Keep a Mummy

This is the most cutest anime I have ever seen. When you watch an anime and a character gets a nose bleed from pure cuteness, that happened to me. Every week, I was on the edge of my seat engrossed in this cute nirvana.

In the beginning of this series, the main character Sora was sent Mii-kun, a small Egyptian mummy by his father. He approached the coffin with caution, as he has been sent some dangerous and terrible things before. Yet, he was met with something small and cute and so he adopted him. The series follows his adventures with Mii-kun and his friends, as they meet more small fantasy creatures, who hide from the humans around them.

Compared to the manga, the anime is much better visually. It does not have a lot of detail but it strangely works. The animation works to not take away from the creatures, who are the centre of this shows attention, along with the relationships that they have with their owners.

When it comes to the dynamic of the creatures and the characters, you find that they are strangely dependent on them. I find this weird, as the creatures spent most of the time on their own until they met them and now they are practically pets. This turns the show into a pet show and if the creatures were real PETA would have a field time.

Overall, I find that this show has great entertainment quality, yet when it comes to an actual story line, it is dry. The show relies too much on the small creatures, that they forget about everything else.




Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp is a manga series turned anime, about two young high school girls Nadeshiko and Rin, who become the most unlikeliest of friends. After moving from Shizouka to Yamanashi, Nadeshiko decides to cycle up to see Mount Fuji. Half way there, she falls asleep by some toilets due to tiredness and then wakes up later in the dark. Not knowing what to do, she approaches the lone camper Rin, who after a scare, looks after Nadeshiko until her older sister can come pick her up. The anime follows the girls as Rin has her lone camping adventures invaded and Nadeshiko joins the Outdoor Activities Club.

The first character, Rin, is a generally quiet girl who enjoys camping by herself in winter, due to it being quiet and bug free. She has a loud best friend Ena, who tells Nadeshiko where Rin camps. Rin has long black hair and often wears it in a bun. Nadeshiko is a pink haired energetic girl who befriends Rin. After being saved by Rin, she decides to join the Outdoor Activies Club. She enjoys all food and makes everything she eats look delicious. Her sister, Sakura, is often the one to take her places and save her. The last two Characters are Aoi and Chiaki, the members of the Outdoor Activies Club. They teach Nadeshiko about camping and finally do club activities now that she has joined.

Now, as you all know from reading my posts, I love laid back anime. With this having Laid-Back in the name, it drew my attention. Yet, this anime is so laid back it is in danger of putting me to sleep. What the characters get up to is not interesting in the slightest and you start to ask yourself after a little while, why would someone let their sixteen you old daughter go camping on their own? It is essentially the anime of bad parenting.

Another thing that bugs me about this anime is the visuals. Everything is in block colours with no shading or detail, all of the characters heads look like squashed eggs and once you see it you just can’t unsee it.

A positive thing about this anime is the effect it has on the audience. After watching three episodes I now have a strange desire to go camping and eat hotpot, Nadeshiko makes it look really good.

So overall, I don’t think it’s a great anime. I have read the manga to compare and I can say that it is a lot better and has much more detail.





Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan is a Japanese manga series, that has hit the screens this season. After ten episodes in, I am still unsure about what it is actually about. From what I can gather, a young fox girl called Yuzu gets sent to an inn by her guardian. This inn, is primarily run by fox people. The first few episodes cover her training and brings the personality of the other characters through, whilst the other episodes after that focuses on  the visitors. This is when the strange begins, with things happening in the inn that I am not entirely sure about myself. Sometimes I blink and stare at the screen blankly, trying to absorb the mystery of it.

When it comes the characters, even though they are fox people, they are primarily like young teenage girls. Satsuki is a serious minded workaholic who dreams about becoming a Miko (a shrine maiden). She works harder in order to make up for her feeling of incompetence, kind of like I do with my job. She has a soft spot for Yuzu but she tries not to show it. Natsume is the prince fox girl. She is an attractive tomboy who is playful but courageous at times and she stands up for her childhood friend Ren. Ren is a perfectionist and very feminine. She takes pride in her appearance and the appearance of others, and often gives the girls make overs. She performs her work well and sees Natsume as her boyfriend figure. Throughout the episodes, the anime hints at her having a crush on Natsume. Sakura is the small fox girl who doesn’t say anything and often has a blank expression. She is often seen doing strange and sometimes genius things. She has an obsession with Okiku, who is a cursed doll that is brought to the inn for purification. Lastly there is Kiri, who is the oldest and the head of the group. She is the most experienced and often tells the others what to do.

This anime is set in a fantasy world, full of magical creatures and gods. This leads to questioning who the visitors are and what they do. The visitors are often from Japanese folklore. This with the tradition inn, gives it a very oriental and relaxed feel. These, mixed with the realistic characters, makes the anime very likeable.

The negatives of this anime are the lack of structure and plot in every episode. This leads to staring at the screen trying to figure out what is going on, when you should be enjoying the anime.

Overall, I feel that the lack of plot hinders the anime to the point where I do not feel that it is even watchable.




To My Otakurose Readers…

Unfortunately this week I have been shot down with the deadliest of illness, the common cold. I have been snuffly and very unwell, so unfortunately I have not been well enough to write a blog post this week 😦 I am sorry to all of my readers, but I will be healed up by next week promise!!



Love is Like a Cocktail

Love is Like a Cocktail (Osake Wa Fuufu Natte Kara) is a web manga series turned anime about a young professional woman, who turns into a adorable woman when she drinks. Due to this, she avoids drinking outside. Her husband, who is a bartender, makes different cocktails each episode and shows the audience the ingredients it takes to make them. `

The main character Chisato Mizusawa, is a young professional, with long blonde hair and glasses. When she doesn’t drink, she is quiet, reserved and career focused. When she does drink, she blushes and becomes a cute woman. Her husband, Sora Mizusawa, is a bartender and house husband, who looks after Chisato and loves to see her drink. He makes her a cocktail every episode, with the ingredients appearing on the screen and is presented by a lemon with a face. The only other character you come across in this anime is Yui Shiraishi, who is Chisatos rival.

The anime itself is only two minutes long. Each episode is a skit about a different type of cocktail presented by the husband. The positive thing about the anime is the fact that it shows a variety of cocktails and the ingredients you need to make them. The relationships between the characters seem strong and, they each have their own dominant personalities.

The play time is an issue for me, mainly because as soon as you get into it, it is over. When you factor in the beginning and the end credits, you only get about a minute or so of actual anime. Another thing is the lack of backstory on the husband. He appears to give her cocktails and looks after her, but you don’t actually know anything about him or if he is a bartender at all.

So overall, I feel the aesthetics of the anime are good enough to make me want to drink, even though I don’t. But, I it could improve with more details into the characters lives.





Maika Sakuranomiya has trouble finding a part time job, thanks to the scary look of her eyes. Yet, with a stroke of luck, she gets scouted for a cafe called Stile, where the waitresses take on personas such as yandere or younger sister. Maika is given the sadist persona and the anime is about her developing her sadist personality and the people she interacts with in the cafe.

The main characters of this anime consists of mainly odd balls. The first one is Kaho Hinata, a high school girl who has been allocated the tsundere personality. She is addicted to video games and the arcade, which often results in her running through her money pretty quickly. When customers talk about games, she has trouble keeping her personality and feels the need to join in. Mafuyu Hoshikawa is one of my favourite characters in this series. She is a college student with a petite figure, which resulted in her being given the little sister personality. She rarely shows emotion, but loves anime. Her favourite is ‘Magical Frill’. Miu Amano is a doujinshi artist who fulfils the older sister trait in the cafe. She is often seen wearing glass and loves to watch people. Dino is one of the most important characters as he is the owner of the cafe. He is an Italian chef, who loves anime and often stays up late to watch it. His nose bleeds whenever he gets excited and he soon develops feelings for Maikia, even though she is unaware of this fact. The last character, is Koyo Akizuki. He is also a chef at Stile and loves Yuri. He wants to be out front, so he can see female customers being friendly to each other.

This anime consists mainly of chibi people and light humour. Each episode is a skit and doesn’t follow any real plot line. This is one of things I like about it as, it is something light hearted to cheer me up after a long day at work. The personalities all fit the cafe they work at and all seem to be very well developed.

One of the things I do not like about this anime, is the fact that they make a point of Maika saving up to visit foreign countries in the beginning of the anime but then, it hardly ever comes up. This is something I feel that the anime could have developed and could have possibly made a plot line of. The anime focuses on the hobbies of the other characters more than Maikas, the main character, which is a real let down.

Overall, the anime is light hearted and funny. It is something that I would recommend if you are feeling particularly stressed and feel like forgetting about life.