Hinako Note

Hinako note is a cute, artistic anime that hit Crunchyroll.com last season. It is about a young country girl called Hinako, who has social anxiety. Whenever people she doesn’t know try to talk to her, and when she is in socially awkward situations, she stands like a scarecrow. She gets along with animals really well, so she always has the cutest little bird sat on her head or on her shoulders. The anime focuses on her moving to Tokyo, to join a school with a great drama club.

Upon arrival to her apartment building, Hitotose, she learns that the drama club disbanded last year and she must work in either the bookshop or cafe to stay there. For someone with social anxiety, this is a difficult task.  Yet, she makes friends with the members of the apartment building and manages to slowly overcome her anxiety.

The members of the apartment building are a strange bunch. First we have Kuina Natsukawa, who works in the Hitotose Bookstore. She always has a large appetite and will eat the pages of books that she loves. Then there is Mayuki Hiiragi, who works in the Hitotose Cafe. She is a small girl for a second year high school student and, loves to wear maid attire. Lastly it is Chiaki Higano, who is the land lady of the apartment building. She is also a second year student, whose father owns the building. She is the celebrity of her school, due to her appearance and acting ability.

When it comes to cuteness, this anime has it top notch. They transform into small chibis in each episode on a regular basis, with cute movements and voices. The colour scheme is light and pastel and looks like it has just jumped out of a tea party. Liking this depends on your tastes. If you are a girly girl, this is for you. If you are someone who likes action, I would not recommend this.

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