Super Sonico the Animation!!

A few days ago, whilst roaming through Crunchyroll, I found an image. This image was of a cute girl, with big boobs and a clumsy look. I am not usually into that kind of anime (being a small boob lady myself), but it looked so happy, I had to give it a try. 

Super Sonico is a mascot for Nitroplus, the computer and video game company. She has appeared in games such as SoniComi (2011) and SoniPro (2014). She hit the big screens in early 2014, in SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation. 

When I started watching it, I had no idea Super Sonico was a game idol (I thought it was a every day life anime, of a cute shapely girl in interesting clothes) Yet, when you watch the anime you get little clues. In the anime she is referred to as ‘Super Sonico’ and, most of the end credits are in 3D.

The anime itself is happy, bouncy and very ecchi. You get an insight into a life of a hard working girl, with very far fetched jobs. You come across interesting people, with interesting friendships and interesting personalities. It is colourful and energetic. Overall, I am happy to say, I love it.