The Perfect Insider

The Perfect Insider (Subete ga F ni Naru), consists of an assistant lecturer, a cute rich student and an idolized reclusive scientist. Mix all of these with a lab on a far away island in the middle of the sea and, you get this anime.

The anime was founded on a mystery novel by Hiroshi Mori in 1996. It began airing in Japan this month and, it has not failed to impress its audience. The story revolves around Sohei Saikawa, who is a member of Saikawa Research Lab and, Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of Sohei’s mentor. They take a trip with the other lab members to Dr Magata’s Lab, on an island in the middle of nowhere. Here, they discover a corpse and work to find the killer.

The anime has only released two episodes so far, not giving much away. You would not know what the anime is about, if you haven’t read the novel or manga adaptation already. What it has shown so far though, is very interesting, with a hint of creepy. The graphics are the epitome of modern anime animation and, the characters are more modern looking than cute.

I would recommend this new seasons anime, as detective mysteries appear to be in fashion at the moment and, it is something different.


Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

This is a new season release, putting itself up there with The Perfect Insider and the creepy yet interesting OWARIMONOGATARI. It takes on the new popular genre of cop investigation, that has hit the new TV scene. Sakurako Kujo is a beautiful mid twenties woman who comes from a rich family. She has an obsession with beautiful bones and works as an osteologist. She lives in a huge house with her housekeeper as her only companion. Her side kick Shotaro, is in high school with a serious demeanour. The anime is about them hunting for animal remains, but finding human remains instead. Sakurako aims to discover the means of death through bone observation, whilst undermining the police force along the way.

I have only seen the first episode that has aired on crunchy roll, but it has taken my serious interest. The character design is the same as The Dusk Maidens Yuuko, and the Dog and Scissors Kirihime Natsuno, which I love. It takes on their dark personalities in physical form. The story is something that is different, even if the investigation story is humming its way around all media platforms.

So far I like it, but that is not my final diagnosis. I will have more to report when more episodes have released!

Gakkou Gurashi Anime

The anime version of Gakkou Gurashi focuses on four girls living in a school, after the zombie apocalypse. I would describe more of this anime, review it as normal, but it made me really mad. The sheer amount of disbelief I experienced blew my mind. I loved the manga so much and, the anime does this. They change it so much, to the point where it hits being ridiculous.  Let me list it out for you:

  • The girls cleared all but the last floor of zombies. The zombies can see them through the broken glass, yet they don’t attack the school.
  • The barricades on each floor is a group of desks. The zombies are being kept away by desks!
  • During the first episode, they wave at the zombies from the top building.
  • They have a day trip to the mall. A mall full of zombies. They try on clothes and have a shopping trip, in a mall full of zombies.
  • They are all almost killed, but are saved by one of the girls making a broadcast announcement saying the school is out. All the zombies leave.
  • After the zombies leave, they stay and make paper flowers for graduation. They really should pack their stuff and run, they don’t know when they will be back.
  • One of the girls sees her best friend as a zombie. The same best friend who left the safety of a barricaded room and entered a mall full of zombies. She smiles with tears of happiness in seeing her.

As you can tell by my previous post, I loved the manga, so this hurts oh so much.