New Game!

New Game!, is not usually the style of manga I go for. I find the two rows hard to read and kind of annoying. But, I soldiered through in the name of this manga.

Aoba Suzukaze, is a high school graduate about to start her first job in the gaming industry. She is small, cute and full of hope. She is even wearing a suit that looks like a school uniform. The only thing working against her, is that she looks like a middle schooler. Lucky for Aoba, her new workplace turns out to be something totally out of the norm. The Character Designer and Team Leader, Yagami Kou, sleeps in the office five days a week, only going home on her days off. The Artistic Director, Tooyama Rin, looks after Kou like a big sister, Takimoto Hifumi  who can only talk to people via messenger, The lolita obsessed Ahagon Umiko and the animator and tom boy Shinda Hajime. They turn the work place into a circus, but they get the job done.

I have only read the first 17 chapters, as that is all that has been released, but I enjoyed it extensively. It was adorable, funny and it was the type of art that I love. The characters are relate able and, they are the kind of people we secretly want to be. If you like seinen, you will love it.


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