Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

This anime has had a very positive impression on me. It has only reached episode eight and I am already addicted.

In this world, the gods renounced their powers and went to live with the humans on earth. The only powers they have left, are giving blessings to adventurers and in return they join what they call their Familia. They become servants to the god that gives them their blessing and adventure or does a specific profession to bring in money to the Familia. Levelling, skills and creature drops are real in this world and the setting is medieval. It is like World of Warcraft, but for anime.

The main character is Bell Cranel, who wanted to join a Familia but no one would take him, due to not being very strong. He comes across the goddess Hestia and, joins her Familia. The only downfall is that he is her only servant. The story is about him becoming stronger, in order to become noticed by the beautiful Aiz Wallenstein, who is part of the Loki Familia and his current love interest.

The fight scenes of this anime are very good and very much like Sword Art Online. The fights are well choreographed, dramatic and captivating. Bells voice actor is even the same as Kirito from Sword Art Online. This anime is very good and something I would highly suggest.



Watamote is an anime I found on my Facebook news feed. It is about a high school first year called Tomoko, who has no friends and unrealistic expectations of popularity. The anime is about her school life and her trying to become popular and noticed in class.

As an anime, It is hard to watch. The plot sucks beyond repair, the episodes are boring and you want to slap the character in the face hard…really hard. I wouldn’t suggest this anime to my worst enemy. Each episode is a silly mission to become popular, which I am sure is supposed to be funny but isn’t. You feel sorry for her, but really it is brought on herself. As you can tell, I have hate for this anime.

WataMote wallpaper

Gakkou Gurashi!

Cute manga with zombies is something that you don’t usually see. Norimitsu Kaihou created something truly unique. In the manga, the world is over run with the living dead and there are three high school girls holed up in a school. You would think that this is an imitation of High School of the Dead, but really it isn’t. There are no panty shots, no bouncy boobs and no gory scenes. There are only cute characters living in a school, with the odd zombie fight scene every now and again.

Yuki, one of the main characters, is in love with her school and lives in a delusional world. To her, everyone is still alive, including her teacher who she affectionately calls Meguu-nee, who was killed by zombies shortly after the outbreak. She belongs to the School Life Club, created when Meguu-nee was still alive, with her friends and co-survivors Rii and Kurumi. Rii looks after the two of them, cooking for them and managing the supplies they have in the school. Kurumi is the fighter, who clears the school floors of zombies with her chosen weapon, the spade. The story of the manga follows them through surviving in the school, Yuki coming to terms with what is really happening, and later, them branching out of the school to other locations.

The zombies are represented in an unusual way. They are shown as black figures, with the odd body and face scene every now and again. The plot is more about the character development and the story, more than anything else. The story is so good, that there are rumours that it is going to be made into an anime. The manga updates are quite slow, but worth reading when you get the chance. You could even follow the anime when it is released, you know I will!

Nozoki Ana

Kido Tatsuhiko moved to Tokyo to attend an art school. He moved into an apartment building, to start his new life. What he didn’t expect, was to find a hole in his small room and a woman peeping on the other side. The peeping woman, Emiru Ikuno, turns out to be a new class mate and starts a rota for her peeping habit. With this in place, she causes problems for Kido, at his school, in his relationships and, feeling comfortable in his new home. The manga is about how they both deal with this new habit and, how they develop feelings for each other.

This is a manga that I found hard to follow, the art is not of the normal manga variety and, the speech was so relaxed and a little dirty. The art falls into a raunchy category, but the man parts and the lower woman part are cleverly missed out. Yet, even though it is dirty, raunchy and hard to follow, I somehow became captivated. Every waking moment, I was sat on my computer rapidly pressing the right arrow button. I needed to see the next scene, I needed to see what happened next. It just turned out to be deliciously addictive. So much so, that when I came to the end, I felt unsatisfied. I find that this is a good thing in a manga, even if the art isn’t to your taste, it can still take your interest and turn you into an avid reader. I recommend this to anyone who is over the age of 18, just in case.