Citrus (Saburo Uta)

Yuzu transfers to a new school when her mother remarries. The new school is conservative and very strict, unlike herself, who is in love with fashion. On her first day, she clashes with the strong and forceful Mei, who is the student council president and, as she discovers when she gets home, her new step sister. Mei toys with Yuzu, kissing her and playing with her emotions. Yuzu on the other hand, struggles with her feelings and tries to decide on what to do with them. The manga is about their relationship growing into something more than sisters and, about Mei healing her troubled past.

This manga has only recently come onto the scene, even though it started in 2012. It has hit the top rows of mangafox and has recently been released in English Volumes on Amazon. The manga is no typical Yuri either, it concentrates on the story and the substance of the characters over the sex scenes and fan service. The art is sophisticated too, there are some pages that make you stare for a long time. Citrus is a great manga for Yuri lovers but, it is also a great manga for anyone.


Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie is a 5 minute net anime series that has recently found its way to crunchyroll. It is about a girl called Sayuri, who attends a year long course at a patisserie school. Living in the dorms with her friend Ran, she works on her sweets to make people happy. A perfect example of this is when she makes everyone chocolates for valentines day.

The characters and the setting of Bonjour is very feminine and very over the top. With every opportunity, something sparkles, flowers are seen and the teachers do something to entice the female students. There are even small round cake monster things that say maro and are the epiphany of cuteness. Every episode is about a different scenario at the school, from vacations with the teachers to the mountains and looking in the garden for sweet inspiration.

As a cooking anime, it doesn’t have much story structure to it. Everything is either too simple or too ridiculous to comprehend. They start making something and then suddenly it’s there in all its sparkly glory.It would be better if you could see the process and the ingredients like Shokugeki no Soma. Having the characters take you on a journey is the best thing about an anime

Overall, as a time waster it is fine. But, it is not something to get invested in as, there is nothing to invest in.

Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga that is increasing in popularity. So popular in fact, that it has just recently become an anime. It has only reached its second episode, but it is very entertaining, a lot like its original manga.

The manga is about Soma Yukihara, the 15 year old boy who is obsessed with cooking and wants to become a chef that is better than his father. He works in his fathers special of the day restaurant, where he has cooking contests with him and always loses. One day, his father closes the restaurant and tells Soma that he is going away for a few years to cook with a friend. He calls this an opportunity for Soma to hone his cooking skills and sends him to an elite cooking school called Totsuki Culinary Academy. If he can’t survive the cooking school, he has no hope of reaching his fathers level.

At this academy, he comes across the next generation of elite chefs and works hard not to get expelled. The school has a low graduation rate with hard tests that Soma must complete. He comes across a lot of characters on his journey to greatness and establishes a lot of precious relationships. He meets Megumi, his kind hearted friend in a dorm full of misfits. He also meets the established Erina Nakiri, the youngest member of the elite ten executive committee in the school and the possessor of gods tongue. After reading 121 chapters, I am still not sure as to what that is.

The manga itself has intricate illustrations of dishes the characters create. The food looks delicious and the process of how the characters make it is very interesting. The manga turns cooking into a superpower and over dramatises everything. It even makes you want to become a chef. The only downfall is that it is released every month and I am a very impatient person. It is without a doubt a read that you will enjoy.


Monster Musume

This manga, also known as the ‘Daily Life with a Monster Girl’,  is about a world where half human half animal people exist. The Japanese government unveiled them under the belief that it would benefit the people. Three years on, Kurusu Kimihito, a Japanese teenager, is introduced a volunteer for the government exchange program. This program allows half human half animal people to live with humans and learn how they live. He doesn’t just have one kind of species living with him though, he has one half animal woman after another come to him and live with him. They all fall for him and he ends up accidentally starting a harem.

The group of girls that live with him are very colourful. There is Miia, a Lamia, half girl half snake, who is the first to live with Kurusu and the first to fall for him. She calls him darling and constantly makes advances. The next is Papi, who even though she has a child like appearance and personality, is the same age as Miia. She is a harpy, and like Miia, comes from an all female species. She is forgetful and constantly plays. Cerea, the centor, comes next. She is the most noble of them all and is a self proclaimed knight. She calls herself Kurusu’s servant, constantly addressing him as master. Next up is an illegal immigrant called Suu, a slime. Then there is Lorelei the mermaid, who is obsessed with the gothic lolita culture, and Lala the Dullahan, who is convinced that she is a grim reaper and Kurusu will die.

The story of the manga has elements of bestiality, along with humour and ecchi. Each chapter is amusing, sexy and overall very very entertaining. I can’t wait for the anime version to come out!