Light Novels

My first new otaku discovery of the new year is LN’s. Sword Art Online started as an LN, along with Accel World and Dog & Scissors. Sometimes, reading the LN is just as good. Yet, when you are a huge SAO fan like me, reading the LN is just the next step of otaku discovery.

The first LN I ever read was Maid Machinegun. One busy work day, I escaped to my haven of Forbidden Planet. I scanned the shelves for something good, something that would cheer me up. Then, when I was about to give up and leave, I found Maid Machinegun. The page was white and pink, with a maid standing on the front. I love maids, with their black dresses, white frills and cute mannerisms. I fan girl over them at every opportunity. Seeing this book was a dream come true. I started reading it on the way to work. My commute is quite long, so it is always nice to have something entertaining to do. I am not embarrassed by what I read. I have a love for something and that is all that matters to me.

This diary like novel is fun, girly but overall gives a great insight into the otaku community of Japan. The diary like story is based in Akihabara and, revolves around maid café’s The main story teller is called Aaliyah, who is a new maid at a café. The café is small and, full of strange characters. Her aim in life is to be the best maid ever!  Even though it is girly, it is great for any otaku wanting to break into LN’s. She talks about how she started being a maid, her plans for the future and her mission to become the greatest maid ever! Failure is not an option for Aaliyah Kominami!

Overall, I would recommend this for anyone who is an otaku and anyone who loves maids, which is most people lets face it.