Cross Ange

So, part of my new season anime campaign, I have tried to watch Cross Ange. Well I shouldn’t put tried, I should put ‘tried and then became a weekly Cross Ange addict’. This anime is fan service with dragons. My two favourite things in the entire world. In Cross Ange world, the population has an ability called mana. They use it in their everyday life, carrying things for them and brushing their hair. Babies and people are found who do not have the mana ability and, they are labelled as normas. The normas are sent for what the population think is a quarantine, but really they are sent to become soldiers and fight dragons.

The main proportion of the story revolves around Angelina, who is a princess of the capital. On her 16 year old ceremony, her brother reveals the fact she is a norma and takes over the country. Angelina is sent to become a soldier and, the majority of the anime is about her trying to come to terms with what she is.

In general, the anime has a good balance of story and action. The fights with the dragons are pretty cool and, the outfits they are made to wear are even more so. To make it even more raunchy, there are lesbian relationships that happen on base. So overall, there is lesbianism with dragons…tell me hows that’s bad again?