Sword Art Online II

This second season of SAO is the thing to look out for every week! 

Kirito and Asuna start off in the anime living a happy life, They go to school, they play ALFheim online with their friends, they are madly in love. This is until a character in the game called Gun Gale Online shoots people, which results in their real life deaths. Kirito is forced into this world, transferring his stats, in order to discover who he is. Kirito has no idea how to play the game, so he asks a character how to play. This character is called Sinon, who thinks he is a girl due to his long hair. When she later finds out he is not, he gains a rival. 

Sinon is one of the characters you sympathise with in this anime, due to her being so fragile. In reality, she shot a man who tried to rob a post office, so she suffers panic and vomiting whenever she sees a gun. She joined GGO in order to get over this phobia and to become the strongest. 

I hold this anime dear to my heart, as it has inspired me to play video games again (which pleases my gamer boyfriend greatly). It is an anime which inspires and grabs the viewers every week. Every Sunday I am at my laptop ready to go. If you enjoyed SAO 1, you will definitely enjoy this.