Kiss X Sis

To some up Kiss x Sis, it would be safe to say that it is an incestuous, harem manga that makes you feel dirty, like really dirty. It has forbidden romances, pee scenes, along with raunchy saliver play. If you are a little kinky, I would recommend this.

The story is about Keita, and his two step sisters Riko and Ako. He works hard to get into the same high school as him, whilst they do everything in their power to win the battle for his love. They jump on him and kiss him with every turn, trying to get his attention. At school it only gets worse. he has a teacher and two students after him, along with Riko and Ako visiting him. Overall, it is chapter after chapter of sexual tension.



Maria Holic

When I found this anime, I was very excited. I saw the plot, about a girl going to a an all girls school to find a girlfriend, it sounded absolutely amazing. Then, I carried on reading. She falls in love with one girl, who happens to me a guy! yes I said it, a guy. In order to keep his secret, she is forced to live with him so he can watch everything she is doing. This left me quite sceptical. Yet, I thought I would watch it anyway. Why not? I had time to spare. That’s where I went wrong. It was without a doubt, hand on the heart awful! The dubbed voices sounded bad, the story line was bad. It was just bad. Don’t watch it. If you value your time, just don’t.