Ecchi Rose Likes Senran Kagura!

Senran Kagura, I am sure everyone has heard of it. The new game that has come out, where the clothes fall off depending on the hits the characters takes. Well, now it has the form of an anime. The anime focus is on the light shinobi faction. Hanzo Academy is a normal school on the outside, but has a shinobi school on the inside. There are only five students at this school, all of which are female with big boobs and short skirts. Azuka, is the main character of the series. Her grandfather is a legendary shinobi and, her parents run a sushi bar. The other characters consist of Ikaruga, a rich girl with a terrible past, Katsuragi, the tom boy character, Hibari, the cute and useless type and Yagyu, the girl who protects Hibari from everything.

The story line follows the five doing their training and missions, along with encountering the rival dark faction school. The difference with this school, is that ‘The light favours few, where the dark favours all’. This school is a full school of shinobi, coming from any background, whereas the light school only accepts students from a shinobi background. The school consists of its students, that go through intense training and, the elite five. Hanzos School rivals Homura, the leader of the group, Yomi, the huge sword wielding girl, Mikage, the ex gang member, Mirai, the young girl who wants to avenge her bullied past and Haruka, the saucy big busted girl.

Overall, I would say that the anime is very captivating (not just because of the big boobs). The action scenes are pretty good, along with the character relationships. I would give it about a 7/10 overall.





Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

Right, so I am not sure if everyone has noticed yet or not, but I am on a bit of a maid stint. For this, you can blame Maid Machine Gun. Whilst searching to sate my thirst for inappropriate maid outfits and anime, I found this. Kaichou wa Maid-Sama is a manga and an anime. Due to me trying to catch up with Bleach, I decided to try the anime. I am a big fan of everything girly, so this worked for me very well. If you are not, I would not recommend that you go near it.

The series is about a girl called Misaki, who is the student president at a school that has recently turned co-ed. She is hard working and ruthless and, she hates men. Her dad left her family with a load of debt, so she hates men and has to work in a maid cafe part time in the neighbouring town. The story is about her trying to keep her secret and, about her developing her relationship with her love interest Usui. If you are going to watch it, I would say watch it in Japanese with subtitles. The dubbed sounds very strange and very fake.