Abnormal Kei Joshi

This manga is a new release and, the ultimate in yandere. If you like Yuno from Mirai Nikki, you are going to love this manga. ¬†Shiina Shinya is a high school student that thinks all women are good for nothing. The only woman he is interested in is his sister, who happens to be banning him from all friendships. Yet, despite this, he is surrounded by yandere girls. Tsubasa Tooka is the cute girl in school who everyone loves but, happens to be his stalker. Shikimura Masami is into masochism, and has Shinya as her willing partner. Ikari Satsuki is his childhood friend who happens to be a serial killer. Banjou Yoruko thinks she was his night in their past lives so has sworn to protect. That just leaves Okui Akane. This one thinks she is a vampire and asks for Shinya’s blood on a regular basis.

The amount of yandere characters makes it hard to keep track of what’s going on. There ¬†are so many situations that you can’t keep track of and, it makes it hard to enjoy. The only good thing about this manga is that the yandere girls running around. There isn’t much of a story either so far. Maybe it is too soon to judge, who knows. All I know is I don’t like it much at all.





Rabbit Doubt

A manga that resembles Saw, which shoes team work and the lack of trust when put in stressful situations. The story begins with a group of people meeting who play the game Rabbit Doubt. After a joyful afternoon, they wake up in a warehouse with a bar code on each of them. They unlock a door to find their companion dead and nailed to the wall. The game begins, who killed her? a real life game of rabbit doubt. Each chapter leaves you hooked, twists and turns in every direction. I would recommend this to anyone who loves murder and horror.