Infinite Stratos

With this anime, I was warned that it would be ecchi. Yet, as time went on, it was more overflowing with action than anything else. The robots, the fighting and the amazing uniforms create an anime that will keep you hooked to the end. The only downfall of this anime would be the dub. Hearing a Russian, French, Chinese and British voice actress in one show is enough to drive you insane. I persevered, but if you cannot I would recommend the English dubs!

The story is about a machine called the IS (Infinite Stratos), the anime makes it unclear to its purpose, but it is known that only females can operate them. One day, during the exams to entire high schools, Ichika gets lost and comes across an IS. He manages to make it move, one of the first men to make it move since its creation. This leads to him being entered into the IS Academy, where he learns to operate it with his class mates (his all female classmates).

The anime takes him on an adventure his new found friends, which soon turns into a harem of women fighting for his affection. He gains the interest of his childhood friend, a Chinese, British, German and French girl also. They are all representatives of their countries and, they are all trying to win Ichikas heart.

I wont say much else, but if you want to see how awesome the robots are, give it a go!