Accel World

Oh my god mind blown!!! When the nerdy other half suggested it, I just did the whole girlfriend ignore thing that we seem to love to do. Yet, the call of Accel World was too strong.

The story begins with Haru, a bullied high schooler who resembles a pig. He lives in the near future, where people have computers connected to their necks called neuro linkers. They play games with them, do school work on them and even cable with other people to talk to each other. Haru befriends the black princess of the school and, she opens up a world of fighting and adventure through a programme called ‘Brain Burst’. As a burst linker, you have points you can use to stop time in real life, also known as acceleration. When you run out completely, the programme is removed and cannot be reinstalled. You gain points through fighting and levelling up.

Haru and Princess Black join together for an ultimate goal, which I will not say as that will be a spoiler. All I can say that it is a light hearted anime full of action and annoying believe in yourself speeches. This is not an anime for the weak hearted. Give it a go, the first few episodes are a bit slow to start, but it improves from there!