Ao No Exorcist

Today, I started reading Ao No Exorcist. It has been surging the internet and, it was all over expo. As a true otaku, I thought that I should give it a go, so I did. My first impressions were not that great, yet as you read on it gets better and better. The manga, which has become an anime, is about a boy called Rin. Rin was a ruffian always getting into fights. Half way through a fight with a boy who turns out to be possessed, he awakens his power and his exorcist father steps in. This is when he discovers he is the son of Satan and his powers are sealed in a blade. If he unsheathes the blade for any reason, he will absorb his power and become a demon.

One day, after Rin and his father have an argument, he becomes possessed by Satan. In a show down, Rin unsheathes his blade and he absorbs his power. Half way through their fight, his dad gains control and kills himself. From this moment on, Rin travels and becomes involved in with another exorcist and decides to become one to beat Satan. He is given a place in a school, which has a secret sector for exorcists. Here, he discovers his brother is an exorcist and they team up. The story is about Rin, his brother Yukio and others they meet along the way becoming stronger to beat Satan.

Compared to the other manga books I have read, the story line is one of the most generic story lines I have come across. There have been many movies about Satan spawning a son and, there have been many story lines with the son fighting against Satan. The only unique thing about Ao No Exorcist, is the fact that they are exorcists. For this pure reason, I would give this manga 6/10.