Romeo X Juliet

I found this anime on a summer afternoon out of pure boredom. I thought it might be different from any other Romeo and Juliet story, but alas it is not. They both die at the end like every Romeo and Juliet story, but there is magic and rebellions which spiced it up a lot. If you are a fan of Zelda or a bit of a geek romantic..this anime is for you.


Fairy Tail

Unfortunately for all of the Fairy Tail lovers out there, the anime has decided to do a Bleach and stop for a while. Yet, there is another way to get your fix! the manga!. I read it every week as it comes out and all I can say is that it is amazing. The story is about a group of wizards who is a member of a guild. They do jobs to earn money and go on adventures. It is light hearted, funny and jam packed full of action. I recommend it to anyone, no matter their tastes.

Compared to the anime, the manga has a lot more detail and shows a lot more blood. The fights are more epic and the art is absolutely amazing. The manga is done by Hiro Mashima, I hope to meet him one day. I am a bit of a Fairy Tail fan girl and, it is what brought me and my boyfriend together. We bonded through the love of Fairy Tail and soon we learnt…a lot of other manga too! so why not give it a go?