The Chobits Manga

As you remember from my last post, my friend gave me the whole of the Chobit series. I have read it to volume four out of eight so far and I am finding it quite a good read. The first volume is a little hard to get into, but if you stick with it, it is worth your while. The persocom Chi is too cute for words and, I think I would most probably be a lesbian with a persocom if they existed.

The story revolves around Hideki, who wants to be college student. He attends a cram school with Shimbo, his friend. He finds Chi in the garbage and takes her home. The story is all about his journey with her, from falling in love to evil people wanting to steal her. The story is not all about romance, it also has some great scifi panels and suspense that would kill. 

This manga comes in an anime form, but I recommend the manga as the first form of reference. What can I say? I am bias. 


Rosario Vampire Manga

When I visited my favourite place on the entire earth (aka Forbidden Planet), I bought some manga books that I have wanted for such a long time. I have watched the anime of Rosario Vampire and, I was hoping the manga would be better, which it is thankfully.

The manga has better art, it has chapters that weren’t mentioned in the manga, along with more kick ass action. It is also great to raise a few eye brows on the train 😛

It is a about a guy called Tsukune Aono, who accidentally enrols into a school for monsters. Whilst there, he meets a vampire called Moka Akashiya, along with a succubus called Kurumu Kurono, a witch called Yukari Sendo and an ice queen called Mizore Shirayuki. The manga is about their love for Tsukune and, him never making a choice. It is a little bit annoying, as you can see he loves Moka, but their adventures are full of fun and laughter. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a bit of harem horror.


After MCM, I started watching this new popular anime called K-ON!. It is about a girl who enters high school and joins a music club. There are only four members; Moi the bassist, Ritsu the drummer, Tsumugi on the keyboard, Yui on guitar and vocals along with Azusa on the guitar. The show is about them practising and doing shows in their high school. If you are after a show that is full of laughter and light heartedness, this one is for you.

First Post to Say Hi!

Hey, my name is Amyrose and I started this blog out of pure and utter fun. I have a blog for professional reasons, so I thought having one for my interests would be a whole lot of fun ^.^

I love everything about Japan. I love manga, anime and I love the Japanese fashion. My favourite manga is Yuri and, my favourite anime is Fairy Tail. I follow it every week!

Here is a random picture of me hugging pickachu…just cos.